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Our Food Adventures

There are often two passions that go hand in hand for those of us seeking a little bit of adventure.

What would that be you ask? 

You might think about the last trip you took to Bali watching a spectacular sunset in hues of pink, purple and orange, enjoying a cold beer 

You might remember cruising on your Harley, rumbling down Route 66, stopping off at small town BBQ joint for a succulent rack of Memphis BBQ ribs.

Scott and I look back at our both our favorite destinations and foods and remember the good times we have had. 

For us travel & food, go hand in hand.

In December 2020, when Covid put a hold on our travel design business, we honestly felt a little lost. We missed not only the destinations we visited but also the many cuisines and good food we enjoyed…

  • A steaming hot chicken tagine in Marrakesh
  • Tapas in Madrid, all made with natural, locally sourced, preservative free ingredients.   
  • Dark German beer at Oktoberfest

Then one day we made batch of apple butter. 

Having a little extra, we gave some to friends who soon were asking for more.

 In August 2021 we set up a small stand at the Hāwera Saturday Market. 

Sales were brisk and by November we had added 5 new chutneys!

In December we started playing around with American inspired BBQ Sauces and Rubs. 

March 2022 is the month we launch a line of mustards!

You never know when taking a simple chance what you can achieve if you have great customers and good products. 

This July we are heading off to the Auckland Food Show as a part of Venture Taranaki’s food booth.   If you run into us at the Food Show or at a local market, please stop by and say hello; we’d love to meet you!


The best of New Zealand’s fresh products.

NZ Sourced

From apple orchards and locally sourced farm grown.

Preservative Free

No chemicals or additives for clean eating.


Image Gallery 

Local Immersion

Moroccan Family Feast

We went on a three hour drive off road to meet a family of cave dwelling Berbers. There were four generations living in an isolated cave with a hundred goats and three camels.

We shared a cup of mint tea known as “Moroccan whiskey”.

Cuisine Creations

Vietnam Cooking Experience

Where food and art combine for stunning presentations of basic vegetables in Hue. Hue is the center of the Old Imperial Dynasty. The food reflects the reverence of fresh produce while elevating to a royal standard.

About Us

Hi, Food Hugger! We are Ricci and Scott.

Ricci is our “Food Hugger Experience Specialist.”  

She loves designing  world food experiences on your plate. She’s adapted her foodie experiences from epic road tours across the United States, Europe, Vietnam, Africa and Europe and more.

Ricci is an avid mountain biker and spends time on New Zealand’s mountain biking trails in Rotorua, Taupo and further afield.  She loves trekking, and food/wine tours.

Her last trip was an overland camping expedition in South Africa and Zimbabwe.  

She has a strong desire for you to experience food like the world has traveled to you. You can feel like you’re riding camels in the Sahara and trekking to discover Gorillas or toured Europe at leisure all from the flavours in each savour.  

Scott is our “Food Hugging Scientist”.  

He experiments with unique flavours and food hugging techniques to make sure you can have the tastes of the world pop in your mouth.

He is a PADI Master Scuba Dive Instructor with experience diving in Fiji, Indonesia, Komodo, Bali, Thailand and Malaysia.  

Scott is an avid history buff and leads our design team for historical tours across the globe. We have sent our clients to gladiator training in Rome and Russian tank driving school in Germany. 

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